KW- and UKW-Contests

The AKAFUNK regularly participates in contests

What's a Contest?

Goal of a Contest is to work as many other contest operators as possible in a fixed period of time. Contest rules define whether to call for a special country, prefix or region (CQ-Zone). Contests are held in one or several modes (e.g. CW, SSB) and in a given amateur band.

Winner in each category is the station which gets the most points.

Contests are either nation- or worldwide.

Contest: Resources: ARRL Contest Branch

Contests and the AKAFUNK

The AKAFUNK with its station DKØSU regularly takes part in contests.

SW-Contests (ARRL-Award 1996 for DKØSU) are operated from our ham shack in the 3rd. floor of ETI II (Clubraum), UHF/VHF-Contests - including microwave-contests - are operated from the Unibauamt building (Pfaffenwaldring 32). During contests our phone +49 711 685-8052 and the phone at our Contest Room at Unibauamt   +49 711 685 -3963 are occupied.

If you want to take part in a contest at DKØSU, please mail three weeks before a scheduled contest to our 
Contest Manager Stefan, DK1MM.

All who want to take part are welcome!

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