ARDF - Amateur Radio Direction Finding

Information on "fox hunting"

What's ARDF?

ARDF - Amateur Radio Direction Finding (Radio Orienteering, Fox Hunting) is the sport of homing in on a hidden radio transmitter (T whitch stands for turkey, or simply fox) on foot, using radio receiver, map, and compass (but no GPS receiver). The fox transmits morse code for a set period of time interrupted with longer gaps. Five radio transmitters are hidden in the woods with standard orienteering control flags and punches at each transmitter.

A typical ARDF course will be about four to ten kilometers long.

ARDF joins navigation and orienteering skills like the proper use of topographic maps, compass skills, and skills of observation and perseverance, with radio direction finding skills developing a hunting technique using hand-held portable receivers and antennas. Winner is who find the most transmitters in the fastest overall time.

Further Information: IARU's ARDF Working Group Region I


The AKAFUNK organizes an annual amateur radio direction finding competition (80m band) in the forest closed to the campus. Start is the barbecue area "Vier Eichen" behind the MPA/UBA building, Pfaffenwaldring 32.

Everyone interested in participating or watching is invited and welcome!

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